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The second jingoistic Brexit was whipping up fear and disgusting attacks on what some deem foreigners of when many have lived for many generations.
It looks rife with almost jingoistic problems right from the beginning," he said.
John Ireland's tortured version of "The street sounds to the soldier's tread" makes us ponder the significance of the look from the redcoat who turned his head; Arthur Somervell's well-made, polished but depressingly superficial cycle merely sets it as a jingoistic recruiting march.
com/2012/05/23/wh_leaks_for_propaganda_film/singleton/) charged that it was intended as jingoistic propoganda to support Obama's re-election in November.
These jingoistic politicians are myopic or, worse, cynical to boast of America's superiority and to ignore such facts as our educational system being No.
O'Leary feels that the 1940s were a transition period in which Irish writers began to find their voices, writing on subjects beyond jingoistic history.
The repetitive mentions by Indian Army's high command "about war under the nuclear scenario is not only irresponsible but also jingoistic and unwise," Basit said.
ISLAMABAD, June 7 -- How the jingoistic approach of journalists can help someone make a perception about a country should best be asked from our European Excellencies or perhaps from our Spanish friend HE Gonzalo Maria Quintero Saravia, who mistakenly landed amongst some jingoes of the Pakistani media while waiting to see off Premier Gilani at an air force base outside Madrid during the past week.
David believes the concert has its place - indeed, he conducts the annual North East version of the concert in aid of cancer charity Nepac - but says much of Friday's programme is anything but jingoistic.
Retaking the Falklands, and lots of very positive, jingoistic Press from Murdoch's red-tops, got Thatcher re-elected.
It could have so easily portrayed a jingoistic tyrant father sending his hapless victim son (played by Daniel Radcliffe) off to certain death.