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One can understand that the intransigence of the Indian political and military elite through the overall emerging geo-strategic alignments, and the political culture based on jingoist nationalism, emerged after the rise of the BJP in India, day by day exacerbating the security situation in the Indian-occupied Kashmir, crossborder terrorism and severe ceasefire violations.
Today it will only take a little comfortable yapping by a few ethnic jingoists to set this nation aflame again.
In this remote region, Western businessmen nurtured fantasies of windfall profits from cotton, coconuts, and sugar; jingoists saw opportunities to exalt further their nations; and government officials attempted to acquire coaling stations and naval bases for their growing fleets.
Nativist television anchors encourage a competitive circus in which jingoists fight over who is more 'nationalist'.
Then I was struck by a recent comment apparently made by a Redcar and Cleveland councillor that "patriotism stinks" that people who believe in their country and a desire to govern themselves are "bigots, racist, jingoists and xenophobic".
Our countrys image abroad as a place for investment and in tourism cannot develop the reputation of being racists or jingoists. I therefore sound this word of caution on this and say it has gone far enough and must come to an immediate end.
About consumers in a global business environment, he said they are not "jingoists" that they will buy products only in their own country.
In addition, women's poetry should not be viewed as a "whole," as it would be impossible to combine jingoists, advocates, pacifists, and satirists of varying writing skills into one group.
Jingoists might disagree with J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who said it was an "unacceptably harsh punishment" that will ruin the future of the students and will further alienate them.
SRINAGAR -- Indian army while expressing fear of commandos' attacks of new pattern on the borders has alleged Pakistan army has set up Border Action Team (BAT) comprising commandos and hardened jingoists for murderous attacks.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Manish Tewari said: " 'Beehive' metaphor denoting energy diligence and cohesion completely went over heads of some self appointed jingoists."
Leaders of all parties are paralysed by fear of flag-waving jingoists accusing London of a sell-out.