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Today, the jingoists contend, the Russian Army will reabsorb Belarus and Ukraine; then they will march into Riga and Warsaw; then the hungry Russian bear will restore the evil empire in its thirst for warm-water ports in Turkey and the Persian Gulf.
As the Boer War -- and the jingoists -- raged he was looked to as a new Tyrtaeus.
It urges the administration not to fall for the line being touted around by jingoists in the media and the retired bureaucratic community, who are advising Pakistan to stand up on its hind legs and pay the US back in kind.
In Britain, jingoists, unions and the prime minister call for "British jobs for British workers.
I suggest, Archbishop, that before you have a go at Welsh jingoists, you get your own house in order first.
His form is dire, he has slumped to 39th in the world and he knows the pitiless jibes of American jingoists will be raining down on him day after day, mercilessly taunting him about his weight.
It will rattle jingoists, pacifists, moralists, nihilists, politicians and professional soldiers equally,'' said one review.
For now, at least, the Clinton Administration has chosen not to heed the jangle of the jingoists.
This notion of one dichotomous chorus, with Ethiopian sympathisers and Egyptian jingoists arguing in the ranks, just lost credibility.
We need to advance a populism that is not rooted in haters and xenophobes and jingoists," he argues.
THE DUBIOUS mix of jingoists, fantasists, dupes and suckers who lent vociferous support to the London Olympic Bid must be starting to feel rather queasy.