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Dry mouth, insomnia, increased heart rate, jitteriness, constipation, and anxiety were among the most common adverse effects associated with the drug in the studies.
Even aside from that jitteriness on the part of Fox, the omens were never good.
Stocks fell almost across the board from the outset of trading due to jitteriness in the outside environment such as the U.
He also used olanzapine to blunt jitteriness and anxiey that occurred when he used cocaine, and on occasion took olanzapine to help "come down" from cocaine.
Caffeinism is caused by toxic levels of caffeine with symptoms that include: nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, irregular heartbeat, irregular respiration (breathing), light-headedness, jitteriness, and frequent urination.
Infants continue to have increased jitteriness in the first year and reduced visual perception and visual recognition skills.
Further evidence of this was seen when half of the frequent tanners developed nausea and jitteriness with the 15-mg dose.
The only tell-tale signs of the legacy left by his heavy drug abuse is a slight Ozzy-style slur in his speech and nervy jitteriness that, as he orders a latte from the bar, makes me question if caffeine is necessarily the best option.
Other adverse effects included an association between dong quai and increased skin photosensitivity; (41) and between ginseng and increased hypertension, jitteriness, confusion, depression and insomnia, and risk of hypotension on withdrawal.
As testament to her jitteriness, Samia looks aghast when she spots our photographer placing her satin high heels on the windowsill to take a quick snap.
In 1999, she had received two doses of infliximab and recalled having diaphoresis, chills, and jitteriness after the second infusion.
But although I am too young to know for sure, it seems to me (as I speculated earlier) that Pakula's theme of conspiracy and skullduggery was always overplayed--that it might not have been such an achievement to take Watergate and multiple assassinations and extrapolate them into a sculptured jitteriness.