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She was agitated and had tremors, exaggerated moro reflex, and jitteriness without any stimulus, and, these movements were exaggerated by touch, sound, and light.
All three infants who had mild symptoms like jitteriness and irritability was from Pre gestational diabetic mother group.
Earlier this month, a group of 18 doctors and public health experts petitioned to the Food and Drug Administration to protect kids and teens from highly caffeinated energy drinks, writing that, youth with higher caffeine intake commonly report troubling neurological symptoms, including nervousness, anxiety, jitteriness, and headache.
Also, some babies go through withdrawal symptoms in the first days of life that can range from jitteriness to occasional seizures.
With exposure to SSRIs late in pregnancy, transient neonatal complications, including jitteriness, mild respiratory distress, tachypnoea, weak cry and hypotonia were reported (9).
In spite of continued jitteriness on the part of many investors, the fact remains that profits have exceeded their 2007 peak and the value of the Dow is roughly double what it was at its nadir in 2009.
Filming it on a single hand-held camera not only fits in with the current vogue for YouTube, the jitteriness and immediacy of the footage brings viewers as close as they are ever likely to want to get to what it would actually feel like to be escaping from a monster.
There is a lot of jitteriness in global markets that determine the oil prices which have hit an unprecedented high.
In fact the jitteriness of the State Chief Ministers on National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is partly due to NIA outreach and public investigations of terror attacks, The point is that Hindu extremists involved in Samjhauta Express bombing must be given exemplary punishment, but first the NIA must prove it.
The jitteriness is normal, but it won't go away unless you both power through it Force yourself to make conversation, ask him caring questions and compliment him on little things.
However, the chemicals in foods can sometimes contribute to symptoms, such as caffeine that causes heart palpitations or jitteriness, and chemicals in fermented foods that trigger headaches.
Wilson embodies certain idiosyncrasies of Allen's: the impish candidness, the insatiable self-deprecation, the general jitteriness.