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Investors are jittery over Wall Street's sharp fall overnight," said a dealer at a local securities house.
And clearly it's been an inner battle, as she punctuates a jittery, almost codependent mantra of "I tried to stay ahead / I tried to stay on top / I tried to play the part" with a venomous, dismissive "fuck it.
The midfielder said: ``I know people will start getting jittery but you've got to get those negative thoughts out of your mind.
jTHE second-hand market is looking very jittery, with buyers being distracted by the World Cup, Wimbledon, the holiday season and growing worries over the economy.
A late Ian Gilzean strike meant a jittery last five minutes for Sons.
AS world stockmarkets remain jittery, many private investors will be heeding the advice of industry experts to wait and see before feeding their annual ISA allowances into equity funds.
JITTERY Jags were left to regret a series of misses as Martin Cameron headed Alloa's winner.
13, a fourth gyroscope failed, leaving Hubble too jittery to make observations.
SOUTHEND boss Alan Little was mightily relieved after his jittery side came close to throwing away a three-goal lead against struggling Shrewsbury.
For carriers using the Quality of Service standards in Netopia's products, there is less risk of jittery video, dropped phone calls and broken data streams, all of which can drive subscribers to competing providers," said Ray Smets, Netopia's Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing.
As for the Chargers, well, if pro football is ever coming back to Anaheim, at least this entry wouldn't have a quarterback nicknamed Jittery Jim and a star tailback who tells his coach to go run ``47 Gap.