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Topics scheduled to be covered for Job Action Day 2014 include:
Members of this group continue to meet with the board without job action.
The union representing pilots at American Airlines said last week that it had called for no job action at the bankrupt carrier.
"I couldn't tell you where things go from here," Werfelmann said, but added that he has no reason to believe that there would be further job action by the Bricklayers or other unions.
SHERMAG, the Canadian furniture producer, after shifting production to China due to a strike that has shut two of its Quebec factories, said that a "majority" of that production will not be returned to the idled factories if the job action is settled...
Through mid-December the job action had cost the super-marketers at least $500 million, according to certain industry analysts and a recent report from Albertsons.
An adverse job action must be more disruptive than a mere inconvenience or an alteration of job responsibilities.
The job action centered on health benefits, with company executives saying health care costs for their employees had jumped by more than 50% in the past four years and growing competition and declining profits were forcing a cutback.
The union representing doctors and other ISSS employees, which began the job action on Sept.
Others participated in the August 2000 Adult Correctional Institute job action in Cranston, Rhode Island, by taking over the prison's security when the guard force went on strike.
The legislation instituted a "cooling-off" period during which BC's nurses and health science professionals were required to refrain from taking job action. It also required the Health Employers' Association of British Columbia, the British Columbia Nurses' Union and the Health Sciences Association to resume collective bargaining.
The example of immigrant drywall carpenters seeking strike sanctions from their native village in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico for a job action in the United States is one of many dramatic instances of cross border community integrity.