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Topics scheduled to be covered for Job Action Day 2014 include:
I couldn't tell you where things go from here," Werfelmann said, but added that he has no reason to believe that there would be further job action by the Bricklayers or other unions.
A union spokesman says the issues behind the strike are national, and that more job actions will occur as contracts expire around the country.
With any sort of job action or disruption to our business, our primary goal is to ensure our customers can count on the critical communications services that they pay for and we provide.
These experts and vets are part of the sixth annual Job Action Day, which takes place Monday, November 4.
Himmelberger said he was surprised to hear of the job action.
Chain spokeswoman Faith Weiner said both parties agreed to resume negotiations on Thursday, and that the unions have agreed not to initiate a job action while those negotiations are still alive.
In its first major job action amid ongoing contract negotiations, Los Angeles Unified's teachers union on Friday called for its 48,000 members to boycott faculty meetings and unpaid after-school activities.
The International Association of Machinists, which represents the workers, said the transition may have caused some operational delays but that there was no concerted job action by its members as had been reported by some media.
Spending time on the BC Ferry and Marine Workers Union picket line, I did not feel the solid unity that we needed to conduct job action enmasse back then.
The job action, which began June 13 and is continuing indefinitely, is another way for workers to protest what union leaders say is management's refusal to provide "a decent contract.
The high cost of fuel sparks a job action by carriers in San Jose, but one paper in Maine has defused the issue through a carefully crafted policy of tying payments to its carriers to a monthly gasoline price report.