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He added that a job seeker can visit the website, www.
On other sites, employers post a job description and a job seeker submits a resume and waits for response.
In over 60 per cent of cases, the provider concluded the job seeker did not have a valid reason for not showing up.
The number of citizens who have been summoned by various recruitment centres was (330) job seekers to offer them employment opportunities, (146) of them showed up, (27) accepted the jobs offered to them and one job seeker accepted training opportunity and another job seeker accepted self-employment opportunity through 'Sanad' programme.
Ask any successful job seeker that question and here is what you'll hear: "my network," "referrals," "a lead from someone inside the company," "word of mouth," and "contacting people.
Employers are still able to contact the job seeker via an anonymous e-mail sent through Dentalworkers.
The idea is simple: The more people that a job seeker asks for leads, the greater the likelihood of finding one.
And with industry and government planning to pump $2 trillion into environmental protection and cleanup during the next decade, the 90s job seeker might find that the green market is where green pastures - and greenbacks - lie.
Snagajob, which hosts more than 40 million registered job seekers and posts more than 250,000 hourly job listings at any one time, today released a look back at hourly job seeker activity based on data captured from its website.
This study takes an inside look at the behaviors, influencers, attitudes, and turn-offs of today's job seeker.
Each job seeker has been offered three job opportunities to select the best offer for him with six companies working in the service sector.
Job Seeker Behaviors and Motivations Revealed in "Today's Job Seeker Report"