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From 1 January 2015, if a job seeker misses an appointment with their employment provider without a reasonable excuse, their income-support payment will be suspended until they actually attend the next appointment.
Employers looking to recruit local job seeker and candidates looking to meet face-to-face with recruiters from top companies should visit http://www.
Marketing yourself as a job seeker means locating the people who can offer or lead you to opportunities and telling them what you are capable of, over and over.
We are extremely sensitive to the fact that not every job seeker wants their resume posted for the world to see, complete with their name and current job.
A job seeker who says something like "I really want to work for your firm, but I hope you have some flexibility in your salary offer" likely could obtain a higher starting salary than the opening bid.
Three other useful publications are The Job Seeker and Environmental Career Opportunities, bi-weekly roundups of available jobs in the private and public sectors broken down by category (i.
The Australian Government believes that where a job seeker fails to attend an appointment with their provider, without giving prior notice of a valid reason, the job seeker must demonstrate they are genuine in their efforts to look for work in order to continue to receive income support.