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Of the jobless women, on the other hand, the majority (59.
Drugs prosecutors accused the two farmers and the jobless man of growing marijuana, possessing drugs and preparing the farm as a den for drug users.
The jobless rate didn't move quarter on quarter nationally.
While the registered unemployed figures are not accompanied by an unemployment rate, Eurostat reported on Wednesday that the number of jobless in Cyprus as a percentage of the labour force dropped to 11.
The Union of jobless university graduates regional bureau in Sidi Bouzid called in a statement, the government and regional authorities to regularise the situation of the jobless and open a contest at the regional scale to hire university graduates.
On the occasion, family members of the deceased and a large number of jobless Chingchi drivers and office-bearers of Chingchi and CNG Rickshaws Association were present.
In the Athol area, one of the state's smaller metro areas, the December jobless rate of 6.
The raw or unadjusted jobless total rose by 18,013 to 3.
It also found welfare payments are vital to lifting jobless out of poverty and one third of those living in jobless homes were kids.
The overall youth jobless rate in OECD countries reached 17.
The lackluster decline in jobless claims comes as Spain is in its second year of a recession with no sign of recovery on the horizon.