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GHAZNI CITY (PAN): Most residents in Ghazni province say insecurity, joblessness, low quality of education, lack of attention of the officials, and presence of administrative corruption as the main problems in the areas and demand addressing these problems.
This knowledge about the wider health impacts of joblessness gives greater importance to the imminent publication of the Assembly Government's Neet strategy.
Other categories within the 82 main groupings, as laid out by the DWP, saw a sharp rise in joblessness including cleaners and beauticians, as well as personal trainers and sports coaches.
Wolfers suggests that the prospect of joblessness causes much more insecurity among both the employed and unemployed than do rising prices.
With the right backing and funding, this could break the cycle of joblessness," Mr Cann said.
In a speech to a Conservative women's conference in Westminster, the Tory leader was expected to promise action to prevent mass joblessness.
The June figure rose slightly, leaving the gap between North-East joblessness and the national average at 0.
8 percent, its lowest level since 1973, as Americans enjoyed an economy that lately has produced a remarkable combination of low joblessness and low inflation.
Such persistent joblessness, combined with a stabilizing housing market, will result in more foreclosure activity, says Foreclosures.
The call comes after youth joblessness topped one million last week and the Bank of England forecast growth of just 1% for 2012.
It focused on the area's labour market, aiming to create and safeguard employment in order to reduce joblessness and tackle social problems.
For example, many Korean merchants never reopened their stores, and joblessness among black and Latino teen-age males remains unacceptably high,'' the report states.