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The latest joblessness rate of men is very good news-the first time in 14 years to be single-digit again.
7 percent level is the lowest recorded joblessness rate since 9.
The SWS data on joblessness refer to the population of adults in the labor force.
When he took office in May 2012, joblessness stood at 9.
9 percent , wasn't too worried about joblessness either, as less than a quarter of American respondents listed the issue as a top concern.
The Socialist president has been dogged by high unemployment throughout his mandate and has repeatedly said that he needs to reverse an increase in joblessness in order to seek a second mandate.
This accompanied continuing joblessness claims data, which increased to 2.
The region bucked the national trend after UK-wide joblessness increased for the second month in a row, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Of the 27 per cent who experienced joblessness in the last quarter of 2014, 14 per cent or 6.
However, it reflects a nationwide trend and joblessness in the West Midlands remains higher than any UK region other than the North East, York-ast, Yorkshire and the Humber and Wales.
However, the rate of joblessness among women has gone up from 7.
The authors find that better job accessibility significantly decreases the duration of joblessness among lower-paid displaced workers.