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"We would only take action against a jockey who failed to take a ride for which he was booked." Jon Pullin, racing operations manager to Arena, expressed his disappointment at the jockeys' move in light of the official approval given to the new team of handlers.
Unfortunately, some active members of the guild said they did not learn their guild-purchased coverage had lapsed until jockey Gary Birzer was paralyzed in an accident last summer at Mountaineer Race Track in West Virginia.
Master Giles hires a new horse trainer and jockey, and Samuel is reduced to grooming horses again.
When I was first asked to write a piece for The Advocate about being a bisexual jockey in the overwhelmingly straight world of horse racing, I couldn't decide whether I should do it.
The Jockey Club outlined a series of amended restrictions, to be implemented on Friday on a trial basis.
John Maxse, the Jockey Club's director of public relations, said last night: "The way the negotiations are going this week, I would rather see the matter resolved in the courts, rather than having racing damaged.
'The maximum weight a jockey in this section can be is 10 stone.
She added: "We are working with the Jockey Club and manufacturers to introduce a more humane whip.
has entered into a licensing agreement with Jockey International, Inc.
JOSEPHINE Gordon was voted Lady Jockey of the Year at the 2017 Stobart Lesters awards after riding a record 106 winners.
By Tony O'Hehir SHANE FolEy enjoyed an unusual big-race double at the curragh yesterday when deadheating as the first jockey to cross the line in the 10km Jog For Jockeys event in the morning before returning to land the Royal Whip stakes on success days in the afternoon.
A FORMER jockey who studied accountancy at Teesside University achieved a national award while completing his degree to help progress in his new career.