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About El espanol constitucional, Hernandez Gonzalez writes jocosely that El Espanol Constitucional was published by "un liberal exaltado, Pedo Pascacio Fernandez Sardino, and it will be "el organo y portavoz de los exiliados espanoles en Londres" (120).
Several images jocosely celebrate the involvement of children in theconflict, with captions such as " the youngest revolutionary ".[24]
Pryde's luscious shots of the little rodents jocosely shuffling around packing paper, shipping tubes, and other material remnants of an art exhibition's installation evoke the prototypical ornamental device for contemporary affect architecture, such as hospital waiting rooms or day-care-center playrooms.
They find him "lacking in the companionable quality," a man whose "discourse never fall[s] into the jocosely familiar." (10) The fact that Vere is also a bachelor nicely aligns with this portrait of a man who always preserves a formal distance, a man who is never intimate.
I said, "Monsignor, Hans Kung teaches many errors and is a dissenter from Humanae vitae." He replied, half jocosely, "I think you are a Vatican spy." Incidentally, six months later, he was named an auxiliary bishop.
When, for example, he complains of the lack of priestly services at Pentonville to the Warden making his perfunctory rounds "he replied jocosely; what did we want a priest for, were we not excommunicated?
Even this detail is troubling, for it suggests, if only jocosely, that fathers can never be entirely sure who sired the children bred in the wife's womb.
A., after tea, jocosely remarked: "I think I will make a good operator, Mary;" and seating himself at the machine, said: "See me; I take hold of the lower part of the wheel with my right hand, and pull it in a downward direction.
Robert Hutchins once jocosely remarked that a university was a group of departments connected by steam tunnels.
About one hundred years later, Benjamin Franklin, presumably having read the tale in the Discourse was able jocosely to pass it off among the English literati as a missing chapter of the Book of Genesis.