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The causticity found in this novel distances it from the jocosity and jubilance often associated with satiric works of the Horatian tradition.
Specifically, he lacks "jocosity. It's humor that isn't funny." And, he added with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, "The non-funny novel, that's what normally wins the Booker Prize."
'There was always something in his profile that recalled Mr Punch, but while in context of the rambunctious anti-hero of the puppet world we expect belligerence and jocosity to go hand in hand, in reality it is a disappointment to discover the darker side obtruding into the make-up of the flesh and blood icon.'It resonates with what, for myself, has always been the most disquieting moment in the whole Cooper canon.' During a Variety Club lunch in 1977 to mark his 30 years in showbiz, he had barely started his speech when Gwen - pre-rehearsed - tugged on his side and told him to put his fez on.
The market religion epithet coined by opponents and/or researchers of this new religious experience, concerning jocosity is full of meaning because the temples of the movement are turned into great supermarkets of faith or convenience stores, where the religious goods are put inside the glasses to attract consumers.
What must now be argued is that the surviving evidence is cumulative, and stems from a large tradition of both scripted and improvised Italian drama which offers many different levels of jocosity or seriousness.