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LOOKING at the relaxed and jocular manner Barack Obama and his missus were lapping up the hospitality on offer while visiting the British Isles, I bet he is secretly wishing he could do it more often, especially after the cringe-worthy moment when his Middle-East peace plan was being repudiated in no uncertain term by the Prime Minister of Israel in the Oval office in front of a global audience.
The tone is almost jocular, and Max is frankly a weepy wimp who needs a backbone transplant from Rose.
On his part, Borisov added that the "Russian party knows well that at the Belene site there is but a meager lake", a reccuring jocular phrase of his implying that the project has not really started.
He denied he and Ayda had become engaged, but the jocular proposal was so convincing it even fooled his mother.
But, if after opening the can of worms with their reference to the 12th of July, Celtic supporters and Nil By Mouth were offended by the Northern Ireland international's seemingly jocular retort, then they really should go and take a long look at themselves in the mirror, and have a good talk to themselves, too.
The slogan "Forward to the victory of communism" has morphed into the jocular "Forward to the victory of 'corruptionism.
The text brings history alive with colorful anecdotes, historic songs, and an insightfully jocular tone.
His conviction that he must act for two gave him a jocular heaviness that made the girl react for a dozen, but his jokes rode a limitless tide of concern.
It is possible that this was just one more piece of jocular banter between two plain-speaking men," he writes.
But the airline's jocular style may have gone too far.
The jocular story line is fast-paced as the way out cast makes for a delightful time for the audience.
In a jocular mood, Cocco said that while his people were collecting RD$30-RD$40 million per day, they were "just warming up.