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the devil with horns, no doubt," ejaculated Cowdray, sitting down in triumphant jocularity. "It was the devil come to eat Protestants."
George." (There is an ogreish kind of jocularity in Grandfather Smallweed to-day.)
She had said to her with kindly jocularity: "We shall have a good time together.
Wilfred Bohun stood rooted to the spot long enough to see the idiot go out into the sunshine, and even to see his dissolute brother hail him with a sort of avuncular jocularity. The last thing he saw was the colonel throwing pennies at the open mouth of Joe, with the serious appearance of trying to hit it.
A sort of sinister jocularity had crept into the tones of the burly feminist.
No writer before Patras illustrated the behaviour of these four-legged animals with such jocularity. Patras, in his story, Marhoomki Yaad Main, explains with absolute merriment the efforts the protagonist (himself) faces when riding an old, beaten up bicycle that brings him much public embarrassment.
Chammi's attitude at times might be brash but her inspirational jocularity and sarcasm make it a true treat for everyone to watch.
shape or not Any fun or jocularity was not on the agenda.
His eyes fixed on me and he said, straight up, with no jocularity: 'If I'd known you were a Liverpool fan, I wouldn't have shaken your hand.'"
Legally?" Jocularity is balanced with tender moments of anguished soulsearching, all calibrated to inspire audiences to swing to the same dizzy heights as Miles.
Jocularity is balanced with moments of anguished soul-searching, all calibrated to inspire audiences to swing to the same dizzy heights as Miles.
Somehow his special mix of jocularity and swagger was not a great success with fellow negotiators.