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A sort of sinister jocularity had crept into the tones of the burly feminist.
Lest it should be matter of surprise to any, that Mr Willet adopted this bold course in opposition to one whom he had often entertained, and who had always paid his way at the Maypole gallantly, it may be remarked that it was his very penetration and sagacity in this respect, which occasioned him to indulge in those unusual demonstrations of jocularity, just now recorded.
When, amid no little jocularity, the German was informed Liverpool last lifted the trophy as recently as 2012, he said: "Oh yeah, then hopefully
Can we take recourse to jocularity - and get away with it - as one young man did recently while bantering with friends about their professions (which he didn't consider 'real' jobs chiefly because he was not doing them): "Fitness coach for children - not a job; online start-up - not a job; home supply of health food - not a job; my job - real.
This first story sets the mindscape for the jocularity and derision in the other stories that follow.
William Tsutsui looks at what he terms "recreational apocalypse" in Japanese films and argues that there is a register, paradoxical it sounds, of jocularity in such representations.
It's been a couple decades, but the answer to that question's still not clear: For all the band's jocularity, there's a an aggressive streak to its music, a destructive bent that lies at the heart of its appeal.
My eavesdropping of the chatter reveals several consistent themes centered on values such as respect, flexibility, equity, stability, fairness and jocularity.
A Journey to the Dark Heart of Nameless, Unspeakable Evil lives up to its title, interspersed with just enough jocularity to keep the reader from sinking into abject despair; highly recommended.
Prewitt's jocularity, sparked in part by the selfsame names of flower and bride, is enhanced by his knowledge that the marriage will keep Rose from testifying against Pinkie in court about what she knows of his criminal activity.
The flippant air of "The Light Princess" makes it my least-favorite among MacDonald's fairytales, and I find the jocularity of "Little Daylight" an annoyance that spoils the haunting image of a woman literally waxing and waning with the moon.