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Dad, his face like a hundred versts of bad road, jocularly replies that they might take a taxi or a train or fly, which segues into a discussion of how big-winged birds use air currents to glide for miles.
As one journalist jocularly said in response: 'Trevor, you've just given every reason why you should be manager of Birmingham City.
Whitney publicists have jocularly characterized the Biennial as "The show you love to hate," but that pre-emptive effort at collusive jollity would sound increasingly hollow in the face of shows as hateful as 1993's was felt to be.
Chidambaram, who was responding to a poser from mediapersons on the electoral verdict in Karnataka, took away the mike from a TV reporter and jocularly placed it in front of the senior BJP leader and former union minister Jaswant Singh to ask him what he thought of the result.
While one surfer, jocularly referring to her tugging at lowers, couldn't decide if she was " taking it off or wearing it", another defined the snapshot as " desi girl in vilayti pose".
The performer center stage at the Booth is not a rock `n' rolling comedian (like the theater's most recent tenant, Sandra Bernhard) or a showbiz veteran taking a trip down memory lane (such as Bernhard's Booth predecessor Jerry Herman), but Hare himself, a playwright whose previous acting experience was limited, as he jocularly tells the audience, to a school production of "A Man for All Seasons.
These include: a jocularly contemptuous disparagement of Italian military prowess; viewing Germans as ruthless, militarily-talented dupes to a crazed megalomaniac; and, arguably the most germane, a self-view of Britain as the `country which won the war'.
Nanni Moretti, who has jocularly embodied onscreen the generation of left-wing, post-'68 Italians, has made his best film yet in Caro Diario (Dear Diary), an apparently offhand set of sketches about his comings and goings.
When asked whether it would be possible for him to meet Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray during this visit, as his further programmes had already been planned, Sangma jocularly said: "Not everything in politics happens through meetings.
In fact during the entire show, the audience appeared rivetted by their singing that each time the duo was about to end their rendition, requests for an encore or an extension came from the crowd in the form of a written message or verbal appeal, prompting the artists to jocularly remark that they'd never be able to go home.
Jocularly referred to within Clarin as la santisima trinidad -- the holy trinity -- Magnetto, Pagliaro and Aranda also have become shareholders, again unusual within a family-held Latin enterprise.
Mukherjee was also jocularly called 'GoM Mukherjee' in political circles as he headed close to 33 Group of Ministers on various key issues, including the recent one on setting up of Lokpal.