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ChenOne is excited to work with Shanghai Jocund International,
No jocund health that Denmark drinks today, / But the
Nature's rage anticipated Stalin's jocund dictum: "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.
The barriers of male distance, of male coolness, and of competition are broken not just by jocund camaraderie, so common in contemporary popular culture, but also by male smiles and male tears.
he is wild at traditional beats, and swirling figures before him are suffice to entice him to join the jocund band.
She swats away Fairy's insecurities with the wand of jocund optimism.
To the affirmative zeal of that proposal, matching the inertness of art with the endurance of kin, I say a jocund welcome.
May You be praised, my lord, for brother fire, through whom You illumine the night, and he is handsome and jocund and robust and strong.
Their topics include the metaphorical collecting of curiosities in France and Germany, the jocund cabinet and the melancholy museum in 17th-century English literature, and wonder-working and the culture of automata.
Readers of "Writing Itself" could, however, be forgiven for forming an image of Barthes as a fastidious, jocund fop.
Suffice to say, our bodies are "tempores," a semantic hybrid, a portmanteau, a jocund combination of temporal and pores, just as time transpires on the surface of our skin, permanently connoting our passing through life.
He assumes he knows what all women want, for example, what they expect, and that men must feign meeting those expectations: "If you appear learned to an ignorant wench, or jocund to a sad, or witty to a foolish, why, she presently begins to mistrust herself.