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Bernie is a key leader in the successful five year old Jog Scotland scheme.
Sunday 40-minute jog Normal - try to stay relaxed when getting tired
Walk and stretch as before followed by 1-min jog, 1-min walk,2-min jog,2-min walk,2-min jog,2-min walk, 1-min jog.
30pm, people can still register for the event on the day, which costs pounds 15 an adult and pounds 5 a child, and people can walk, jog or run the 5k course.
You should always finish with a 5 min easy jog warmdown and some stretches.
the Santas warm up before the jog, top, Nioni Phillips who has a heart transplant three years ago, and bottom, Jordane and Courtney Cox.
LEADING THE WAY: Fitness fan Carly on her early morning jog yesterday' ACE: Boyfriend Joe' BENDY: Warming up with leg-stretch
Mar 3-45 mins jog, walk when necessary, Mar 4-5 mins walk/ 20 mins jog/ 5 mins walk, Mar 5 - 50 mins jog, walk when necessary, Mar 6 - Rest or 40 mins walking, Mar 7 - 5 mins walk/ 35 mins jog/ 5 mins walk, Mar 60 mins jog, walk when necessary, Mar 9 - 5 mins walk/30 mins jog/5 mins walk.
10 x 30-second walk and 30-second jog l 5-minute walk.
THE British Heart Foundation's Wrexham Jog will take place at the National Trust's Erddig Park estate next Thursday night at 6pm.
The motorist does not drive on the pavement - do not jog on the road.