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Down upon the river that was black and thick with dye, some Coketown boys who were at large - a rare sight there - rowed a crazy boat, which made a spumous track upon the water as it jogged along, while every dip of an oar stirred up vile smells.
A WARWICKSHIRE village was brought to a standstill yesterday for the funeral of a 40-yearold man, killed in collision with a car as he jogged along a Bulkington road.
This is the fifth in this series from Swedish author Mari Jungstedt and the second novel to be published in the US, which begins with the murder of Peter Bovide in the early morning hours as he jogged along the beach on Faro Island.
Pam Proctor from Chester-le-Street even dyed her bichon dog pink for the day in honour of the event's colour theme and jogged along with her granddaughters Coutney, five, and Chantelle, nine.
A WOMAN was sexually assaulted as she jogged along a Worcestershire canal towpath.
We gently jogged along to the cricket pitch next to Whitley Bay Ice Rink and anxiously waited for the next order.