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It has been a habit for me to jog and relax after office hours.
2) Arleta resident Ramon Lopez, left, and his jogging partner Pacoima resident Adolfo Cortez prepare for their early morning jog at Hansen Dam.
He must then immediately perform the second skill pattern and again jog back to the starting point.
Staged annually by the High Desert Runners, the Antelope Valley's distance running club, the Jingle Bell Jog 2004 was run under ideal conditions on a newly designed course entirely within the park and its adjacent storm water catch basin.
And Barry said that Monday's jog was made extra special because it took place in the stadium.
And it's also much more fun to chat with a friend while you walk and jog, rather than slog it out alone.
Agree to look after her children for an hour one day, then get her to repay the favour when you next want to go for a jog.
DAY ONE: Two x 15 mins threshold pace runs, including five minute recovery jogs.
Walk/Jog: In the first few weeks, you should alternate 30 seconds walk with 30 seconds jog and gradually increase the time until you can jog for four or five minutes without stopping with two or three minutes walk in between each jog.
A SOUTH Wales businessman will be celebrating Christmas early this year by signing up to the British Heart Foundation's annual fundraising Cardiff Santa Jog.
A FESTIVE throng of Santas will limber up for Christmas by going on a spirited jog tomorrow.