join forces with

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If you were really great, really true to yourself, you would join forces with Leach and Johnson.
I have no fight with you," I cried, and then I told them who I was and added that if they would live in peace they must sooner or later join forces with me.
Even as he emerged from the mouth of the passage to look across the foothills in the direction of Aaanthor, a Ptarth battle fleet was winging its majestic way slowly toward the twin cities of Helium, while from far distant Kaol raced another mighty armada to join forces with its ally.
There were in all ten red Martians, men and women, and when we had briefly explained our plan they decided to join forces with us, though it was evident that it was with some considerable misgivings that they thus tempted fate by opposing an ancient superstition, even though each knew through cruel experience the fallacy of its entire fabric.
Dr Chris Iddon, design and build co-ordinator at Deeley Construction, added: "It was a fantastic day and it was great to join forces with Advent.
Matt Horton, RNLI divisional lifeguard inspector, said: We are delighted that Sefton Council has agreed to join forces with the RNLI to provide this vital lifesaving service on its beaches.
The PIMA Foundation, created by members in 2001 to support education within the paper industry, recently announced a tentative agreement to join forces with the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame (Neenah, WI).
King rejected the separatist aspirations of those black nationalists who refused to join forces with white allies.