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Commercial distribution of NanoFoil(R) for energetics and joining applications is taking place from RNT's onsite manufacturing machinery.
Prior to joining the firm, Cotilla was a senior portfolio manger with Colliers ABR, Inc.
Prior to joining Kushner, Blumenfeld was vice president for land acquisitions and development at Robertson Douglas Group.
The joining velocity profile will depend on the plastic material (amorphous or semicrystalline), the weld area or joint design, and the overall size and shape of the part assembly.
Although the process is well understood for plastics joining, and although it has been used lot welding metal, this metal welding has been pretty much limited to wire bonding, not joining the 0.
Members should satisfy their concerns before joining, by considering the structure of the group and asking themselves if they are truly motivated to participate.
Prior to joining WP Commercial, Kim served as president of S.
Prior to joining A&M, he was a senior associate with the transaction advisory services practice of Ernst & Young, LLP.
Highly visible at this NPE are systems for joining automotive assemblies.
Prior to joining ACC Construction, he was a corporate executive with Paine Webber Inc.
Before joining Paramount, she worked in the William Morris Agency's literacy department and at Innovative Artists, both based in New York.
Joining at the director levels are Tony Caruso and Doug Fruscione.