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Prior to joining Pliskin, he served as director of real estate for Pergament Investments.
Prior to joining Insignia/ESG, Cooper worked at the Equis Corporation, where he was a senior vice president in charge of its Dallas office.
Prior to joining Hirani Engineering, Rao served as a principal and vice president of Geraghty & Miller, Inc.
Prior to joining Cushman, he was a management consultant at KPMG Peat Marwick.
Prior to joining the firm, Cotilla was a senior portfolio manger with Colliers ABR, Inc.
Prior to joining Kushner, Blumenfeld was vice president for land acquisitions and development at Robertson Douglas Group.
Prior to joining Newmark's Connecticut operations, Tager served as a commercial real estate financial analyst in the firm's headquarters in New York City.
Prior to joining ARCS, she was with Freddie Mac, where she was responsible for business development, underwriting, customer relations, and market analysis for multi-family loans in the western United States.
The more linear the joining velocity profile, the steadier the melting rate, the more homogeneous the molecular structure of the melt, and the stronger the weld.
Before joining the Board, she worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas as a consumer examination analyst.
Before joining Bayer, he worked for the Midland Research Station of British Gas, and in 1982 for Polysar (Canada).