joining place

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Tenders are invited for Fittiing Of 4Inch / 3Inch Size Water Pipe Line From 11X/94L (East West Joining Place) To124le Proposed Cm Panel In U/G At Churcha Mine R.O.
At a microscopic view there is a good quality join and a nice flow of the alloy that can be noticed, the alloy being able to fill in properly the joining place, it can be seen in fig.3.
Bruce said: "It is about joining places and people together and that has to be a good thing in my book."
If it was granted then Kielder would become only the 12th park to be recognised, joining places like Death Valley National Park in California, USA and Galloway Forest Park in Scotland.
We expect best performances through you at your joining places so that LPU may always feel proud while quoting about you to others.
Joining Places: Slave Neighborhoods in the Old South.
In Joining Places: Slave Neighborhoods in the Old South, Anthony Kaye examines the process of neighborhood formation on the plantations of the Natchez District of Mississippi.
Map line joining places with the same atmospheric pressure 2.