joint concern

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His talks with the senior leaders of these states would address bilateral ties and issues of joint concern.
The delegation also visited University of Pisa during which it viewed programs of joint concern in fields of economy, higher studies and radiology techniques for various disorders.
As per the bank, this strategic joint concern was anticipated to benefit from significant synergies produced from a distribution platform afforded by a top local universal bank.
The US vice president stressed his countryaACAOs keenness to boost the strategic partnership with Jordan as well as maintaining coordination on all regional issues of joint concern.
We also agreed that the presidential elections were a joint concern between the Speaker and the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi, because what the Patriarch wants is the same as the Speaker; and he considers that the election of a new president will mitigate the ambiance," he added.
Further, it is in line with the ongoing cooperation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom, and the facilities extended by Bahrain to friendly and allied countries to help us better work together on issues of joint concern, such as promoting regional security and combating piracy, human trafficking and terrorism.
The working groups have nothing to do with the bicommunal technical committees -- already up and running -- that have been tasked with tackling every day issues of joint concern to the two communities, such as the more high profile technical committee on cultural heritage.
Spokesman Andrea Tenenti said UNIFIL can work on mediating disputes between Israel and Lebanon, particularly in areas where there is a joint concern.
The US ambassador pointed to the distinguished bilateral relations between the two countries and joint concern to advance them, stressing that his country continues to provide all aspects of support to achieve the stability and development of Yemen.
This grant will help support the continuation and expansion of Mote's ties to Israel--especially in areas of joint concern, like the health and resiliency of coral reefs.
During these meetings, they held talks on issues of joint concern.
These restarted talks should broaden out beyond just the nuclear issues, into many other areas of joint concern.

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