joint effect

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Regaining his faculties by slow and faint glimmerings, he at length sat upright; and, displaying a very yellow face, a very red nose, and a very bristly beard: the joint effect of which was considerably heightened by a dirty white handkerchief, spotted with blood, drawn over the crown of his head and tied under his chin: stared ruefully at Ralph in silence, until his feelings found a vent in this pithy sentence:
The beauty and dexterity embodied is a joint effect of dazzling your eyes and catering your hold.
In Experiment 3, we focused on the joint effect of social distance and event abstractness on differences in self-other risk perception.
5] on the risk of COWO and its joint effect with maternal prepregnancy overweight and obesity on COWO in the Boston Birth Cohort (BBC), a large prospective cohort of predominantly urban, low-income, minority mothers and their children living in Boston, MA.
The joint effect is that strike probability first increases (up to 4%) then decreases.
These findings are in consonance with the previous studies that found that the joint effect of the demographic variables on job performance of employees was significant (Oyewole and Popoola, 2015).
Due to the features of plateau, such as large temperature difference between day and night and prominent climate change, the sub-grade is easily to undergo relatively large frost heave and thaw collapse under the joint effect of water, heat and force; meanwhile, the intensity is prone to degrade, resulting in plastic failure.
Following the line to understand some determinants within this joint effect, we can add to the discussion the development order of each type of contract in the relationship.
Though cracks extend randomly, they are more likely to extend in one direction, indicating that crack extension is caused by the joint effect of crustal stress, local stratigraphic structure, and cleats in coal seams.
1] *B/*B genotype cooperate in lowering the dimension of leiomyomas; about 8% of leiomyomas growth could be attributable to the joint effect of allergy and [ACP.
The second drug currently in pre-clinical trials seems to offer a synergistic effect when combined with cholecalciferol, and even though both compounds work separately their joint effect seems superior.
Quantification of joint effect for hydrogen bond and development of QSARs for predicting mixture toxicity.

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