joint effort

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By the joint effort of the workingmen and the capital, money is earned.
Their argument would be, that a grant, once made, could not be revoked; and that the justice of participating in territory acquired or secured by the joint efforts of the Confederacy, remained undiminished.
In a word, the single gentleman was bursting out of the office, bent upon laying violent hands on Kit's mother, forcing her into a post-chaise, and carrying her off, when this novel kind of abduction was with some difficulty prevented by the joint efforts of Mr Abel and the Notary, who restrained him by dint of their remonstrances, and persuaded him to sound Kit upon the probability of her being able and willing to undertake such a journey on so short a notice.
A conveyance was accordingly brought to the door, which, by the joint efforts of the merchant and Flora, this remarkable woman was at last induced to enter; though not without even then putting her head out of the window, and demanding to have him 'brought for'ard' for the purpose originally mentioned.
Thiruvananthapuram: A record of biblical proportions has been created in Kerala with roughly 1,500 people producing a handwritten copy of the Bible in a joint effort that lasted about two hours.
We're excited to release Joint Effort with Redhook because we have a lot of respect for how they helped shape craft beer in Washington," said Hilliard's co-founder Ryan Hilliard.
com)-- One of the fastest growing Search Engine Optimization firms, Cincinnati-based Joint Effort Marketing announced the opening of a new office in Portland, OR at 5320 SW Macadam Ave.
This joint effort should be used for the economic development of the Muslim countries," he said.
This is a very competitive edition of the Falls City Handicap, but Joint Effort looks a good wager after needing her most recent start.
It was a joint effort between active and reserve component transporters m February to complete the homecoming of the 3rd Infantry Division from Iraq.
The project is a joint effort of the Communications and Information Resources department of the Anglican Church of Canada and PWRDF.
The joint effort was kicked off at NYARM's Annual EXPO last month held at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

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