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of Patients Olecranon fracture 6 Coronoid fracture 5 Radial-head fracture 17 Capitellum fracture 3 Epicondyle fracture 1 Posterior dislocation 2 Joint effusion 4 Total 38 TABLE 2 Clinical Performance of the Elbow-Extension Test Bone Injury No Bone Injury Unable to Extend 37 22 (positive test) Able to Extend 1 50 (negative test) Sensitivity = 97.
This will confirm the presence and nature of any joint effusion while minimizing the risk of iatrogenic septic arthritis.
Significantly More Patients Symptom-Free, Lower Incidence of Joint Effusions
5) Septic bursitis can cause adjacent joint effusions, which are typically reactive, but the joint itself can be infected if the ligaments or tendons separating the bursa from the adjacent joint are disrupted.
A synovial cyst is an outpouching of the joint capsule lined by synovium that arises in the setting of joint effusion or inflammatory processes of the joint.
1) It predominantly affects adolescent males and insidiously progresses to disclose typical presentations such as pachydermia, the thickening and coarsening of facial features, the clubbing of digits, hyperhidrosis, edema in the lower legs, arthritis both with and without joint effusion, and periosteal reaction of the long bones.
Conventional radiography of the elbow showed nonspecific swelling around the joint and suggested a small joint effusion (not shown).
The fibrocartilaginous articular disc is biconcave, dividing the joint space into superior and inferior compartments; this relationship is well seen in the presence of joint effusion (Figure 2).
Radiographic findings at this stage are generally limited to a dense joint effusion (hemarthrosis).
Typically, patients are asymptomatic, although 15% to 20% of patients may have mild articular pain and joint effusion.

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