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Joint effusion and synovial thickening was observed in two cases (67%).
MRI left knee confirmed the presence of joint effusion and osteoarthritis changes.
MR imaging obtained four months postdiagnosis demonstrated complete resolution of the findings of bone marrow edema and joint effusion.
However, most symptomatic patients evaluated showed neither bone alterations nor signal intensity consistent with joint effusion.
On plain radiographs, the findings are nonspecific, with joint effusion being the most commonly detected abnormality.
The diagnosis of disseminated gonococcal infection is usually made by clinical examination and culture of specimens from the genital tract, blood, or joint effusion.
Some authors suggest that all patients with hip pain should undergo ultrasound, and that those with a joint effusion should undergo aspiration.
Specifically, they could not make clear-cut distinctions between signals of slow motion sodium ions in the cartilage from those of free sodium ions in synovial fluid and joint effusion in the knee joint.
On exam, she has no evidence of joint effusion but has tenderness along the patellar facets, a positive patellar apprehension test, and pain on squatting.
The presence of a knee joint effusion probably relates to stress or injury.
We found that the symptomatic tears were larger, appeared more chronic and had an associated biceps tendinopathy and glenohumeral joint effusion.

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