joint endeavor

See: coalition
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He leaned towards her and took her hand, as he said:
The high figure of the salary made him reflect that on that side Stepan Arkadyevitch's proposed position ran counter to the main tendency of his own projects of reform, which always leaned towards economy.
She leaned towards him, and her face shone as the face of a woman who prays that she may hear the one thing in life a woman craves to hear from the lips she loves best.
Sabin leaned towards the wall, and in a second the room was plunged in darkness.
She leaned towards her neighbour on the other side and Major Thomson was able to resume the role of attentive observer, a role which seemed somehow his by destiny.
Dantes approached the upper rock, which now, without any support, leaned towards the sea.
She sighed heavily, and leaned towards me a little, so as to rest her shoulder against mine.
He leaned towards her, his mouth open, his eyes wild with virtuous anger, but meeting the absolute candour of her raised glance threw himself back into his corner again.
In the vast dimness of the curtained drawing-room, the little man, resembling a black bolster, leaned towards a couch, his hat on his knees, and gesticulated with a fat hand at the elongated, gracefully-flowing lines of the clear Parisian toilette from which the half-amused, half-bored marquise listened with gracious languor.
And Raffles leaned towards me with a sly, slow smile that made the hidden meaning of his visit only too plain to me at last.
Miss Mary leaned towards me, one finger on my sleeve.
Miss Kinzey was from Milwaukee, somewhat direct of speech; and as her fancy leaned towards the secretary, she divined there was work in hand.

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