joint endeavor

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RetireUp said this acquisition follows its latest joint endeavor, the launch of RetireUp Pro, an end-to-end retirement income planning platform that elevates the client experience from start to finish, while helping advisors accelerate their business.
Said bin Saleh al-Kiyoumi, OCCI Chairman gave a speech during which he said that the initiative of organizing the Lebanese Week in Muscat comes as part of the joint endeavor between OCCI and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon.
The outdoor court is a joint endeavor between the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation's BUILD IT AND THEY WILL BALL court renovation program and the BBVA Compass Foundation, which helps carry out the bank's mission to be an engine of opportunity by broadening access to education and affordable housing, among other aims.
A joint endeavor between the M3 film distribution company and the Kariyo Ababay Foundation, the system was launched in November of 2013 with only four cinemas in ystanbul and Ankara.
The project, which will span a 12-month period, is part of a joint endeavor with the German corporation Diehl Defense.
I think this is our joint endeavor and it is of course a great satisfaction to see that close up," he saids.
This joint endeavor with our Supply Corps partners in the JMSDF has a long and rich history, which benefits both the young officers taking part in the program and this command," said Capt.
United States Cavalry peacekeepers in Bosnia; an inside account of Operation Joint Endeavor, 1996.
The Championship is a joint endeavor between Brooklyn Artist Andrew Thompson, creator of Punk Rock Pillow Fight, and a group of Austrian women who wish for the slumber party showdown to become a respectable adult competition.
Talks also dealt with the distinguished cooperation relations between Syria and Qatar , and with the two countries leaderships' determination and joint endeavor to push up these relations to wider horizons realizing the interests of the two brotherly peoples.
The Trans-Caspian oil pipeline is part of a larger joint endeavor between KazMunaiGaz and State Oil Company of Azerbaijan to develop Kazakh oil transportation via the BTC pipeline, which will also include a 750-km pipeline connecting Kuryk to the oil processing facility at Eskene.
The lack of common terminology is quickly apparent in any joint endeavor.

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