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United; coupled together in interest; shared between two or more persons; not solitary in interest or action but acting together or in unison. A combined, undivided effort or undertaking involving two or more individuals. Produced by or involving the concurring action of two or more; united in or possessing a common relation, action, or interest. To share common rights, duties, and liabilities.


adj., adv. referring to property, rights or obligations which are united, undivided and shared by two or more persons or entities. Thus, a joint property held by both cannot be effectively transferred unless all owners join in the transaction. If a creditor sues to collect a joint debt, he/she must include all the debtors in the lawsuit, unless the debt is specifically "joint and several," meaning anyone of the debtors may be individually liable. Therefore, care must be taken in drafting deeds, sales agreements, promissory notes, joint venture agreements, and other documents. A joint tenancy is treated specially, since it includes the right of the survivor to get the entire property when the other dies (right of survivorship). (See: joint tenancy, joint and several, joint venture, tenancy in common)


adjective allied, amalgamated, associated, coalitional, collaborative, collective, combined, common, communal, communis, community, concerted, concurrent, confederate, conjoint, conjugate, conjunct, consolidated, cooperative, coordinated, corporate, correal, harmonious, inseparable, joined, leagued, merged, mixed, mutual, shared, synergetic, unified, united
Associated concepts: joint account, joint action, joint advennure, joint and several liability, joint enterprise, joint interrst, joint liability, joint negligence, joint ownership, joint resolution, joint tenancy, joint tort feasors
See also: collective, common, concerted, concomitant, concordant, concurrent, conjoint, connection, consensual, federal, intersection, mutual, united

JOINT. United, not separate; as, joint action, or one which is brought by several persons acting together; joint bond, a bond given by two or more obligors.

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INSITE's design and execution in preventing early crossover has provided significant, high quality, Level 1 evidence to the existing body of literature demonstrating that, for patients with certain SI joint disorders, SI joint fusion with triangular porous coated titanium implants can meaningfully improve pain, function and quality of life compared to non-surgical management," commented David Polly, MD, lead author of the paper.
Jeffrey Dunn, President and CEO of SI-BONE, commented: "there are now nineteen peer-reviewed studies published on MIS SI joint fusion with the iFuse Implant System, including prospective and retrospective studies, multicenter and single center studies, U.
In addition to the 2016 hospital outpatient and physician payment increases for MIS SI joint fusion, Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Wisconsin Physician Services (WPS), covering the five states of Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska, published a positive local coverage determination (LCD) that provides coverage beginning December 17.
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Zyga is proud to partner with physicians and Professional Medical Societies to ensure that patients have access to new, minimally invasive therapies such as sacroiliac joint fusion," said Jim Bullock, president and CEO of Zyga Technology, manufacturer of the SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System.
US patent number 9,101,371 describes a method for revision of a failed previous SI joint fusion surgery.
The strong clinical evidence supporting MIS SI joint fusion, the AMA's decision in March to establish a Category 1 CPT code for the procedure, along with the increasing adoption and demand for iFuse by surgeons in the U.
Study evaluates the use of Cartiva[TM] Synthetic Cartilage Implant as a less invasive, motion-preserving alternative to joint fusion
New Procedural Option Allows SI Joint Fusion Through Single Incision
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The article, entitled " SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System with SImmetry Decorticator" was featured in a special issue of Surgical Science.
It is estimated that minimally invasive SI joint fusion accounts for nearly 90% of all SI joint fusions currently performed in the U.

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