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Tony Nicholls, managing director of Furmanite, points out that while the need for joint integrity is widely acknowledged, the level of engineering and management required to achieve it is not always recognised.
Subjects range from the assembly of hand and hydraulic bolted flange connections to the management of joint integrity for pressurised systems.
Using this comprehensive approach allows the end user to be more aware of the reasons as to why the selected bolt load is being applied and therefore to explore opportunities to improve the joint integrity based on the limiting factors for the joint, as determined by the calculation method.
While traditional fastening methods--such as prevailing torque, deformed threads and chemical bonds--may be fine for non-critical applications, they are inadequate for production machinery where joint integrity is crucial.
Headquartered in North Versailles, PA, Bolttech Mannings is a leading service provider in the joint integrity market and the pioneer of the induction bolt heating process.
In support of our extensive range of hydraulic bolt tightening tools, Hi-Force has recently launched BOLTRIGHT PRO, an innovative, bolted joint integrity software programme, designed to assist engineers, with the provision of accurate bolt load calculations, based on key input data, related to each specific bolted joint," the spokesperson says.
Joint integrity can be tested with water or air pressure.
During qualification of the rework process, we characterized solder joint integrity, intermetallic thickness and mechanical tolerance compliance to ensure that reworked connectors were capable of surviving these plugging stresses.
David Hillman, et al, "The Impact of Reflowing a Pb-free Solder Alloy Using a Tin/Lead Solder Alloy Reflow Profile on Solder Joint Integrity," International Conference on Lead-Free Soldering, May 2005.
With issues of assured joint integrity and reduction in hydrocarbon emissions more important than ever fur the industry (indeed, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has recently announced it is making moves to reduce leaks, following the rise in the number of gas leaks on the Norwegian Continental Shelf), compact technology like Vector's has a valuable contribution to make in reducing leaks, as well providing weight and space savings for operators.
Best opportunities, however, are anticipated for high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe as a result of the resin's flexibility, sturdiness, joint integrity and trench-laying capabilities.
The training school became an approved provider earlier this year and has since been delivering mechanical joint integrity training courses to numerous personnel in the bolting industry.

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