joint interest

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They are kept together by the peculiarity of their topographical position; by their individual weakness and insignificancy; by the fear of powerful neighbors, to one of which they were formerly subject; by the few sources of contention among a people of such simple and homogeneous manners; by their joint interest in their dependent possessions; by the mutual aid they stand in need of, for suppressing insurrections and rebellions, an aid expressly stipulated and often required and afforded; and by the necessity of some regular and permanent provision for accomodating disputes among the cantons.
By our own schemes, I mean our joint interest. Agreed?'
They also addressed various regional and international issues of joint interest. (end)
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Imran Khan has summoned a meeting of Council of Joint Interest today (Monday).
Approximately 30% of the expanded Red River system capacity from Cushing to Hewitt, Oklahoma is owned by a third party in an undivided joint interest structure.
Regional developments and their implications for the security and stability in the region were discussed, in addition to a number of issues of joint interest.
The president of QFA attended the final after receiving an official invitation from Alejandro Dominguez president of CONMEBOL, and exchanged views with a number of personalities on various footballing issues of joint interest. The main subject of discussion was Qatar's hosting of the 2022 World Cup, which is now at the center stage of world football since the conclusion of the World Cup Russia 2018.
Indeed, according to the law nA 2017-54 of July 24, 2017, creating the national council of social dialogue and setting its attributions and the modalities of its operation, this structure is in charge of organising and managing the social dialogue regarding social and economic issues of joint interest to the three social partners, within a framework that ensures the continuity and regularity of dialogue.
The meeting focused on bilateral ties and the means to enhance them, in addition to issues of joint interest.
High Court judge Grace Nzioka has ordered Bollore to deposit half the amount (Sh225 million) in joint interest earning account before April 20, 2018 and provide a bank guarantee for the balance, as a condition for stopping enforcement as it appeals the suit it lost.
Saad Shehab and they discussed topics of joint interest. --SPA 14:35 LOCAL TIME 11:35 GMT
The meeting dealt with bilateral relations and the means to enhance them, as well as discussing a number of issues of joint interest.

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