joint interest

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They are kept together by the peculiarity of their topographical position; by their individual weakness and insignificancy; by the fear of powerful neighbors, to one of which they were formerly subject; by the few sources of contention among a people of such simple and homogeneous manners; by their joint interest in their dependent possessions; by the mutual aid they stand in need of, for suppressing insurrections and rebellions, an aid expressly stipulated and often required and afforded; and by the necessity of some regular and permanent provision for accomodating disputes among the cantons.
KUWAIT, Feb 19 (KUNA) -- First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah discussed on Monday with Russian Ambassador to Kuwait Alexey Solomatin accompanied by Military, Air and Naval Attache Valery Kotogarov, several issues of joint interest.
The two parties discussed topics of joint interest and bilateral relations between the two countries in the defence and military fields and ways of enforcing and developing them.
Saad Shehab and they discussed topics of joint interest.
Manama, May 25 (BNA): Shura Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh has received the newly appointed South Korean Ambassador to Bahrain, Koo Hyun-mo, and discussed topics of joint interest and the latest regional and international developments.
The meeting dealt with bilateral relations and the means to enhance them, as well as discussing a number of issues of joint interest.
Both sides expressed desire to develop these relations and expand them in the joint interest of the two countries.
Both the leaders assured that the brotherly countries must expand relations for the joint interest of both countries.
This collaboration in fields of joint interest will allow them to more effectively reach their shared development objectives.
They discussed bilateral cooperation and means of promoting them to serve the joint interest of the Libyan and Russian peoples.
Other subjects of joint interest are stock-option expensing and hedge accounting (FAS-133).
The tax return also reported $1,065,420 as qualified joint interest property.

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