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The project is being sponsored by partners Project FIND and JOE NYC, a joint ownership and asset management initiative for non-profit community development corporations that own affordable housing assets.
He promised more support to the university to maintain its standard, saying that his government remained resolute to meet up with its responsibility as stipulated by the law on the joint ownership of the university to make the institution a great citadel of knowledge.
Spain has sought joint ownership for the airport on two previous occasions.
Doyle's sister had expected that when their widowed mother died, she would either have a PS10,000 share of the equity, or joint ownership of the property.
Member of Parliament for Jwaneng-Mabutsane, Mr Shawn Ntlhaile had asked if there were plans to introduce joint ownership for Agricultural Service Centres by farmer's cooperatives.
To establish state-owned satellite system, the three ways - Condosat, which is to lease the use of satellite transponder of another country, joint ownership system and total ownership system - are needed to be done, the Myanmar Times quoted Vice President U.
Joint ownership is the only way huge numbers will be able to afford to get a foot onto the property ladder.
The partnership includes joint ownership and operation of the barge, truck and rail terminal at Cahokia, Ill., which has frontage on the Mississippi River, as well as a grain origination agreement.
It includes joint ownership and operation of the barge, truck, and rail terminal at Cahokia, Illinois, with frontage on the Mississippi River, as well as a grain origination agreement.
Italian group Fincantieri had expressed interest in acquiring the Saint Nazaire shipyards but refused a French offer of a 50/50 split and joint ownership of the yards, forcing the French government to make a pre-emptive move to take over STX.
The women development practitioner and activist Zahida Detho said reforms for the girls' education should be taken at the local level by engaging the community and creating a sense of joint ownership of the schools.
Fox on Thursday (3/9) filed a request with the Commissionto continue its joint ownership of WWOR-9 in Secaucus, N.J.

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