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In this study, we aimed to assess the validity and reproducibility of computer-assisted joint space area measurement (CAJSAM) in knee roentgenograms of patients with knee OA and compare it with a qualitative method in knee roentgenograms and quantitative and semiquantitative methods in MRI.
Joint space narrowing after partial medial menisectomy in the anterior cruciate ligament intact knee.
On each plain radiograph of the anteroposterior view, we evaluated the following variables: lateral joint space distance, height of the fibular head, height of the lateral tibial spine, squaring of the lateral femoral condyle, and cupping and obliquity of the lateral tibial plateau [Figure 1].
Caption: FIGURE 4: Ultrasonic joint space (distance from the anterior cortex of the femoral neck to the front of the capsule [the width of the joint space]) 2 months after the initial visit.
Clinicians generally perceive an increase in joint space as evidence of preservation or regrowth of cartilage.
Major finding: Higher sHA concentration was positively correlated with progression of joint space narrowing in people with none-to-mild (P = .
There was a two-year follow-up during which joint space narrowing was measured by knee radiograph, with maximum knee pain self-reporting for seven days every two months for one year.
X-ray showed that there is complete destruction of femoral head with narrowing of joint space.
Osteophytes, subchondral sclerosis, joint space narrowing, cysts, and bone marrow changes were found.
Abdul Kalam on Wednesday called for Sino-Indian joint space collaboration and interface between universities of the two countries on development themes.
At the start of the study dietary data was collected and joint space width was measured by x-ray to evaluate OA progression.
The development of joint space science educational programs is one objective of the 2012 bilateral Memorandum of Understanding between India and Australia concerning cooperation in civil space science, technology and education.

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