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Next week's episode doesn't suggest any improvement looms in the future - Ian offers Henry some disastrously kinky romantic advice; the jokey plot twist is so predictable as to scarcely be a twist at all.
He tried to be jokey but it fell flat as a pancake.
All being well, she's hoping to meet Marvin in Los Angeles to present him with loads of little jokey gifts and his favourite sweets, before surprising him with the Vegas tickets.
The film occasionally veers back and forth in tone, breaking its hypnotic mood with a jokey line that would have been more at home in another sort of movie.
H20'' is not nearly as jokey as the ``Scream'' movies ``Halloween'' so satisfyingly inspired, despite the participation of those films' creator, Kevin Williamson, as an executive producer and uncredited writer here.
These movies were explosive, loud and, if done properly (which was rarely the case), brimming with jokey banter.
Preachy retweet WHILE YOU WERE AWAY Your friend's jokey tweet got a ton of retweets, and yours didn't.
21 JUMP STREET C5 9pM Channing Tatum (above) and Jonah Hill are the rookie cops in this jokey revamp of Johnny Depp's 80s TV show.
Frenemies" Cheryl and Simon do love a jokey birthday pressie, and this year was no different as the X Factor supremo hit his mid-50s.
Tenders are invited for Providing and Fixing of Jokey Pump and other spares for smooth operation of mulsifire system and other associated works at 400KV S/S Bareilly under E.
He gave out 44 packs worth of After Eight Mints and whisky fudge in the stunt, as well as providing jokey comments.
The horse, riden by the jokey William Beok, won the race considered a qualifying step for the world horse race scheduled to be held in Dubai in March this year.