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But as the film shoot cranked along, the rooms in the house at Westleigh growing increasingly hot and humid, Graham began to find Barrett's jokiness, his old-style repertory theatre bonhomie tedious.
Perhaps too much gets packed in; the film can't seem to decide which is more important: true allegiance to cheese, bitter social critique, campy hand-job jokiness, or the fitting in of cameos (Jane Lynch, Alan Cumming, Wilson Cruz).
The zine format thereby lent Rushkoff a useful critical tool, one that inevitably led her, as she later recalled in the final issue of her zine, to move beyond the jokiness and easy targets of her early issues and to take seriously the possibilities her zine offered for cultural critique.
New York-based Theatre for a New Audience presents a Merchant of Venice which is lean, intelligent and, for all its anachronistic jokiness, exemplary in its clarity.
In some cultures, such as Japanese, German and Scandinavian, jokiness is often seen as frivolous and unprofessional.
Although the hemi-dress was ridiculed by a number of fashion commentators for its awkwardness, its ugliness, its retro-kitsch jokiness, its air of mockery, others saw in it an expression of liberation from the tyranny of the body.
And as time goes on the jokiness seems rather tired."
John Pawson's clinically austere Novy Dvur Monastery (AR April 2004) butted up to the priapic fatuousness of Future Systems; Richard Murphy's precise, Scarpa-inspired projects segued into off-the wall jokiness from Ron Arad.
But the larger mysteries in Bellow tend to be anthropological (it should not be forgotten that his academic training was in anthropology), and we shall turn now to an anthropological mystery in Ravelstein that is less opposed to Bellow's jokiness than it is its other face.
This was translated into a change in style: The jokiness of Dada seemed no longer a suitable option.
When Best announced that Beckham wasn't bad for a player with no left foot, who couldn't head a ball or score more than a few token goals it was viwed as tongue in cheek jokiness by Best.