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One of the workers said: "While standing near the beach, I jokingly pushed him to check his balance.
Ben Bentley, representing the GTC, said that when one pupil jokingly asked Mr Johnston "do you have a spliff sir?" he replied: "I'll sneak you one for the prom.
In a speech at the Police Superintendents' Association annual conference in Chester, Mr Reid jokingly said that he had no career prospects.
You can't even mention "bomb" jokingly in an airport.
The enthusiastic members jokingly let slip that they had already chosen John's vision for him, that he was to be the new Sunday School coordinator.
Ruby - an African grey jokingly referred to as the "only grey in the village" - disappeared last week, prompting a plea for the public to keep an ear out for the bird's impressions of wheelchair-bound Andy and psychiatric patient Anne.
The employee, who had worked at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel for 22 years, was fired after she jokingly placed her hands around a coworker's neck.
Jokingly, we tossed in a pack of Tic-Tacs because he has bad breath.
"How about the University Hospital morgue at midnight?" Thain jokingly suggested.
But the only person mentioned in The Beagle who has (jokingly) threatened to sue me is my own lawyer.
She brought a group of people to the countryside near Bologna--an area populated by donkeys--and asked them, jokingly, to consider how to make the animals take flight.
'My mum jokingly told me she would send my picture off,' said Nia, 21.