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As Saint Marie tradition dictates, one of them will be found dead inside a locked room before the opening titles in what has to be the jolliest murder mystery series on TV.
Everyone is showing us sides to their characters we've never seen before and it makes for what has to be the jolliest murder mystery series on TV.
Simply don your jolliest of festive jumpers and donate.
While Christmas can be seen as the jolliest time of year by some, for those with a mental illness it can be a time of increased loneliness or isolation.
Shaw The Daily Telegraph called it "the jolliest stuff" and The Daily Sketch wrote "Mrs Patrick Campbell's consummate comedy acting robs the phrase of all offensiveness".
The Citizen may not be the jolliest of the films showing this Christmas, but this emotional rollercoaster is definitely one of this season's must-watch films.
For hunters like Rick Prekup, deer season is the jolliest time of the year.
Children are losing faith in the magical present-giving pastime and Death endeavours to play the part, while not fully understanding all of our social subtleties - "Cower, brief mortals" just isn't the jolliest of phrases.
A pirate boat will make its way down the Menai Straits, then the town will be invaded by the jolliest pirates ever to sail the seven seas
TONY McCOY is never at his jolliest when beaten into second, especially on a favourite, but at least the ride on Key To The West eased the champion jockey back into the old routine at Warwick yesterday.
Preceding the text on Keckley, Ames writes in "A Slave-Girl's Story" about "a cunning little nig; the oddest and the jolliest little Congo" she has ever seen.
This was not a cancer diagnosis, I reminded him, in my jolliest tones.