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In the Land of Blood and Honey makes for a strange holiday season release but perhaps Jolie believes that families should see this film now, and the stark contrast of holiday jolliness with mass genocide only helps to bring her point home.
It is unclear whether Laurie introduces European excess or boyish jolliness into the March world.
There's nothing worse than jolliness when you've just lost two grand.
Indeed for anyone who is sad and lonely, a time of enforced jolliness only serves to make that sense of despondency and isolation worse.
Despite the obvious ongoing jolliness that defines me to a T.
Forget Walt Disney's Americanized dwarfs and heroine with all of their Crayola-colored jolliness, where the worst thing that happens is Snow White biting into the poisoned apple.
And even his jolliness was kind of ironic and grumpy and begrudging, as though he were play-acting, making fun of happiness.
His collection of 10 dresses, much lauded at launch for its jolliness of colour and blousy styling, was in fact conceived with something else in mind.
If you're going to dress up as Father Christmas, people have a right to expect jolliness rather than violence from you.
Helen may talk a good game about her jolliness and resiliency, but the manner in which Vangsness tries on a series of beach outfits, or the fast-vanishing hopefulness she brings to a line like "this would be an excellent time to say something sweet to me" tells a very different story.
He possessed a kind of tousled jolliness intercut with severity, generosity, sloth, intelligence, quick wits, and a short temper.