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Modified Cone Jolt Test: This test measures bulk brittleness and is related to difficulty in pulling deep pockets in a pattern.
The founders also note that Jolt Sensor is not a concussion diagnostic tool but it does provide a measure of the magnitude of head impact forces.
The assumed level of the jolt ''shouldn't be exceeded in principle,'' said agency spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama.
"Finalists in this year's Jolt awards, including Fortify Software, represent the most innovative and elite in software development products," said Amber Ankerholz, Conference Manager of Dr.
When participants received the most-painful heat after expecting only moderately painful jolts, the intensity of their self-reported pain fell by 28 percent compared with trials in which they both expected and experienced the severe pain.
100 Jolts by famed flash fiction author Michael Arnzen, takes every day ideas and meshes them into a condensed, obscure, delightfully deranged view, with all the makings of a winning combination.
Bird-B-Gone, Inc.'s Bird Jolt 2OO2 is an electric bird track for all species of birds, including sparrows, pigeons, seagulls, crows and starlings.
The takeoff run was uneventful, but during the climb at about 200 feet altitude the crew felt a violent jolt in the controls.
-- JOLT is an evening of energetic music aimed at youth that focuses on prayer and praise.
Often becoming addicted to the resulting "jolt", they build a tolerance that can become detrimental.
En Estados Unidas tambien se oferta cafeina a los adolescentes, incluida un refresco de cola llamado Jolt, con el doble de cafeina, y toda el azucar de las colas normales.