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In order to learn more about the difference between aeration and conventionally filled green sand molds, a modified cone jolt test was used to study mold samples from each molding technique.
Expert witnesses, including a physicist who has studied electricity's effects on the human body, said Nebraska's method of using several jolts of electricity gives the body time to recover and increases the odds the person will feel pain.
The first jolt created panic and people came out of their houses reciting Quranic verses.
4) As chart 1 shows, the JOLTS data indicate that small business employment was particularly hard hit during the recession, and that employment continued to contract at small businesses in the early phase of the recovery while it was increasing at medium-size and large establishments.
Placing these jolts on a map has proved more difficult.
The tests that have proven to be indicative of sand brittleness are friability and cone jolt toughness tests.
The JOLTS survey is composed of a relatively small random sample of approximately 16,000 business establishments, of which approximately 10,500 provide data on a regular basis.
MANSEHRA, December 06, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Minor tremor jolts federal capital Islamabad, Mansehra, Balakot and northern areas on Sunday morning.
While Schwartz agrees that some fault segments can join to produce larger earthquakes, he maintains that most faults cannot produce the giant jolts called for by Jackson and Kagan.
In the test, a standard specimen is jolted while bearing the full weight of a cone penetrator and the number of jolts until failure is counted.