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Each library reference volume also has a person or team that owns it, with curation tools to keep the content clear and organized." Jostle is designed to be suitable for a wide range of employee types, not just knowledge workers.
(44) While such purpose was grounded in nature of working-class culture, structural changes in the industrial economy exaggerated the potential for jostles and collisions to turn violent.
But Andrew was forced to look the opposite way when 10 Iraqis began a ``strategic jostle'' into the prince's party, said Radio 4's Today show.
Each city is treated as a self-contained box or entertainment suite, arranged at random like ready meals in a supermarket chill counter, where Thai, Italian, Chinese and Indian comestibles jostle for attention.
Loder and Spencer have been suffering from seconditis lately, but Jostle looks capable of curing that.
The boys jostle each other in their efforts to gain the artist's attention, display gap-toothed smiles, and are generally adorable.
Externally, the curved perimeter of the first floor overhangs the ground floor, and coloured brick and plaster jostle each other to form a patchwork envelope.
The diverse shapes and collaged elements jostle over the ink-jet-printed canvas like digital graffiti, the stiff, pixelated lines serving to anchor the object in the technical present.
He had all sorts of problems on his comeback ride for David Loder on Jostle who fell out of the gate giving away five lengths.
Mundane existence, wonder, and trauma jostle for the upper hand.
Driven by strong currents that sweep along the coast, the floating masses of ice jostle and bang their way along the ice shelf for hundreds of miles.
TRAINER John Servis gained his first Grade 1 success on Saturday when Jostle won the Alabama Stakes at Saratoga.