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And we can still jostle and be jostled on the crowded praying field, in relation with other humans, striving to understand that which is beyond us and seeking relation with the Other-than-human.
It is a matter of seconds for the victim to be jostled or distracted and for the thief to grab their cash.
Is it possible that Frank Zager's murder of Paul Pelipo, who was too slow in responding to the robber's command, was comparable to Dutchy Weiland's deadly response to being jostled in a crowded saloon?
PRINCE ANDREW was jostled by an Iraqi delegation which was buying arms at a trade fair in Jordan, it was reported today.
As the two teams took to the field in Japan for the crucial Group F game, hundreds of fans sporting England shirts, jostled for the best spots to watch the action on the big screens.
Arms plans to monitor the bell's transfer this fall to make sure it isn't jostled any more vigorously than it was during the warm-up lift.
PRINCE Andrew was nearly jostled by Iraqi officials - including Saddam Hussein's cousin - at a Middle East arms fair, it was claimed yesterday.
At the time, Lord Tebbit said: "I got jostled by a dragon.
SHORTLY after September 11, celebrities jostled to get a slot on the TV fundraiser, A Tribute To Heroes.