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'How often do we not see attackers penalised when the ball is in the air and the keeper is jostled like that.
And we can still jostle and be jostled on the crowded praying field, in relation with other humans, striving to understand that which is beyond us and seeking relation with the Other-than-human.
Thorpe escaped punishment after match officials missed the incident on 37 minutes when the duo jostled before Thorpe lashed out.
Charlotte should not have been jostled to such an extent she fell over."
Also, later underground blasts nearby jostled the rocks and triggered subsidence.
Crowds jostled to stroke his neck wherever he appeared and some even stole hair from his tail as a memento.
These homicides were scripted events, staged to impress observers; the participants strutted and swaggered, jostled and challenged, stabbed and shot, with purpose.
As the two teams took to the field in Japan for the crucial Group F game, hundreds of fans sporting England shirts, jostled for the best spots to watch the action on the big screens.
They remember being jostled but do not connect this with a theft.
All pumped up by art, the audience over there jostled one another, roucously snapped cameras, and generally from the spectator's usual passive stance into antic slapstick.
If a hairline fracture now extending from the main crack were to grow during the move, he says, "the bell could literally fall apart." Arms plans to monitor the bell's transfer this fall to make sure it isn't jostled any more vigorously than it was during the warm-up lift.
1992: Home Office minister Peter Lloyd was jostled and jeered by an angry crowd as he arrived in Fazakerley to inspect the site of a proposed new jail.