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Jostlers Apparently aspiring to a valued role in the group, Jostlers are essentially the `wannabes' of the newsgroups.
In the first four weeks of the study, before the SatHackers split from their `mother' newsgroup, there were numerous SatHacker posts from: seven Hacker Gurus, five Acolytes, five Jostlers, five Money Makers, four Growlers, four Prophets and Warners, one Abuser, six Information Providers and eight Parasites.(21) This gives only an indication of the group composition as it became apparent that many members were lurking and not participating in the discussions (e.g.
The Jostler and Michael Hills have the 6f juvenile maiden in the bag JON WINTER
Luckily on our visit, by the time we made it to the counter, it began to rain, allowing us the added excuse of lingering over a feast of seafood and 'vino tinto' until the wet weather passed - much to the distress of the hungry jostlers behind us!
Line-up: Bedworth Libs v Schoolboy Champions, Green Bear v Hare & Hounds, John Diesel A v Co-op, The B&Ms v Collycroft B, Works Five v Collycroft A, Caddy Nomads v Boot Inn A, Roy's Rovers v Longies Layabouts, Oddies v Jenny's Jostlers, Baggies Five v Harper's Five, Deano's Five v Chapel End Libs.
Last Sunday's exploits saw three teams progress to the grand finals and they were Boot Inn B, Schoolboy Champions and Jennie's Jostlers.
Ties for this Sunday are: Boot Inn A v Dunc's Destroyers, The Green Bear v Hare & Hounds A, Howell's Five v Schoolboy Champions, The Oddies v Eggy's Five, The B&Ms v Jennie's Jostlers, Roy's Rovers v The Will Hay Fan Club.