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What does that jostling interplay mean and why is it so essential?
Computer and traditional auto industry firms are jostling to capture the "eyeballs" of today's vehicle owners through Web-based services.
We always get a little bit of this jostling and people trying to put pressure on to other people.
Peugeot driver Toby Cooke, 25, and a man in a VW Polo were seen jostling for position as they left roadworks on the M1 at Luton.
REFEREES are to crack down on jostling in the penalty area before free kicks and corners, Uefa said yesterday, in a move which could see more yellow cards shown.
BOXING: Floyd Mayweather stoked the fires ahead of his May 5 super-fight with Oscar de la Hoya by poking and jostling his opponent at a New York press briefing yesterday.
Jostling curvilinear forms appear and juxtapositions of shape, color, and texture become ever more eccentric.
Random noise, from a source that could be as mundane as the jostling of stars and gas, would tend to be amplified by the highly curved shape of the galaxy's core, the researchers argue in the Aug.
In contrast to the gentle elegance of the original place (scarcely 100 years old even now), the new development was strident, with large and vulgar buildings jostling with each other to attract the attention of tourists and pack them in as tightly as possible.
Jostling bargain-hunters cleared the shelves of Swarovski Sparkle bras down from pounds 35 to pounds 17 when the sale began this week.