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Prina says that the school's new home, a gracious four-story town house from the mid-nineteenth century built around a central courtyard, will give students "space for calm study in properly adapted surroundings" after decades of jostling for space in the overly crowded theater.
The Stormont meeting, first contact between a British minister and Sinn Fein for two years, will see jostling for position over weapons.
The building is found just outside the ancient walls, or at least its great triangular roof of Cor-ten steel is visible from the ramparts before smaller volumes tumble downwards jostling for light.
But on specific weaponry, they tend to favor most of the big-ticket, high-tech wonders--the B-2 stealth bomber and "Star Wars," for example--now jostling for a place in a Pentagon budget increasingly incapable of accommodating them all.
The market for SME PBXs remains dynamic, with new and established players alike jostling for customers of all sizes.