jot down

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Jot down five ways to engage smartphone-savvy customers through your website and business practices.
Before the textbook management, one aide might jot down notes about missing textbooks and put it in a file," she says.
I write the page number on the card, then I have a system where I jot down what I am going to do with that information.
Jot down the credit card issuers' phone numbers to call if you lose die wallet, and keep the photocopy in a safe place.
Don't forget to jot down where they live (for example, layer of the forest and location of the rain forest).
Jot down a few of the things you remember (or have someone do it for you if writing is difficult) and send them to: COUNTRYSIDE Editorial, W11564 Hwy.
As they tour the area tutoring novice drivers, instructors will be encouraged to jot down any suspicious activity and report it to police.
Always jot down the questions which you were asked, analyze your answers and grow from the experience.
When he's not incorporating the device into his anatomy and cell biology lectures, Marino says he utilizes the tablet's Journal function to schedule personal appointments and jot down helpful reminders.
Get a piece of paper and jot down the main points that such a report ought to cover.
Jot down notes on mood, ideas that occurred to you on your run, observations, and enlightenment.