jot down

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Jot down five ways to engage smartphone-savvy customers through your website and business practices.
Always jot down the questions which you were asked, analyze your answers and grow from the experience.
When he's not incorporating the device into his anatomy and cell biology lectures, Marino says he utilizes the tablet's Journal function to schedule personal appointments and jot down helpful reminders.
Get a piece of paper and jot down the main points that such a report ought to cover.
Jot down notes on mood, ideas that occurred to you on your run, observations, and enlightenment.
If you jot down something about the child next to their phone number, you can refer specifically to these people and their particular situation.
Jot down ideas of what you are willing to do for each Valentine, such as doing his or her chores for a day, making a special lunch, writing a story in which your Valentine stars, walking his or her pet once a day for a week, and so on.
One of my relations used to jot down memory-joggers on scraps of paper which he kept in his pocket.
Keep a notepad handy, and jot down what you are doing in 15-minute segments.
To jot down those moments of inspiration, I rely heavily on my notepad.
I've been sleeping with a pad and pen for the last three days and keep jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to jot down lyrics.