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Told in the form of emails, letters, notes and jottings, this amusing novel offers hope and reassurance in the face of some of the difficulties of life.
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He added "I am happy and lucky" to his final mission jottings.
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It is really interesting to read the jottings of readers from a bygone age with all the subject matters as interesting now as they were to the writer at the time.
poetry, the first one in 1989, and the last, Jottings, in 2008, and has
Loosely grouped into two volumes containing letters, notebook jottings, scribbles and paintings of her short 28 years, it is a fascinating glimpse into her life and times, peopled by legends of the art world and society.
His irrelevant references to the Irish nationality, his childish snigger at Stephen being openly gay and in a civil partnership, the neighbours the couple invite back to their home - it was all there from the poison pen of Jackson jottings.
Nelson Mandela's unpublished diary jottings and letters, which have been put together in a volume titled Conversations With Myself , has sparked an intense bidding war in Frankfurt.
His first jottings for the paper last Friday made entertaining reading but I was also at Pride Park on Saturday to see Savage star in Derby's 2-1 win over Peterborough.
Chen is best known today as the author of Clandestine Jottings from My Little Window, a book he did not write, claims Greenbaum.
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) wants people in the region to write a love note to post in the window of their local BHF shop, alongside jottings from famous names such as Helen Mirren.