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The story of those in the latter gerneration is one of a naturalized new belletrism, that of a posttheory generation assuming the backdrop of Theory and cultural studies but deliberately aiming to address and impact a public culture, in journalistic as well as academic venues, and stretching academic venues to encom pass more journalized, publicly relevant forms.
A principal advantage to batch posting is that it makes it possible to find and correct journalized transactions before posting.
It is an in-depth journalized dialogue between Talia from heaven and "G," Kimberly's dear friend here on earth, taken from hundreds of hours of eye-opening, life-changing messages of love, joy, wisdom, and truth, that the spirit world wants us to know NOW.
For example, due to delays in receiving information from remote locations, transactions may not be journalized in chronological order.
It also covers Acuo's journalized storage system wherein changes made to metadata, after initial storage, are tracked so that a complete history of the modifications is kept with the images.
With Real-Time Replicator, a schedule can be set to pause the incorporation of journalized changes on the target, and then launch an NT script to run a copy or batch job.

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