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Students enhance writing skills by journalizing the experience and preparing reflection notes that describe, analyze, and provide insight about the thoughts and feelings experienced from participating in community service.
Marcie stated that over the past few months she had withdrawn socially, but previously had enjoyed hanging out with friends, drawing, and journalizing in her leisure time.
Just think of the costly time and energy saved by both sides not having to deal with complicated formulas, journalizing chargebacks and more.
Impressions of places visited on foreign travel became a regular feature of my journalizing, and they become the only hard evidence I have that I spent, say, a week in Ghent.
I can't say that I do this every day, but I have persisted in morning journalizing for three years now.
As an example, in a manual accounting system the duty of journalizing transactions should be separate from the duty of posting the transaction to the ledger accounts.
Ruffin's diary consists of two periods of journalizing.
Journalizing can be of prime benefit for improving self-esteem, introspective skills, or reduction of job-related stress.
The contest involves creating a layout with two photos, a title, at least one accent or embellishment, and a journalizing block to bring the page to life.
Hopkins' journalizing eye sees searchingly but selectively, and Hopkins as writer-editor is conscious of this selectivity.
Aside from print quality, Lexmark officials say ease of use is perhaps the most compelling feature of the 150c, thanks to a printer driver that employs a special journalizing architecture that does not tie up the computer during the entire print job.
For example, one software package uses the word posting when what is meant is journalizing.

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