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Ingerman and Wesselman (2010) suggest that the shamanic journeyer should engage all of their senses in the Lower World:
Therefore, the role of the journeyer and caregiver is cooperation with God rather than "trying to outrun the Guide" (Cronk, 1991, p.
Kemp denies their acquaintance, but, as Arab points out, 'Kempe is almost accused of being an accomplice; the potential for the morris-dancing journeyer to be taken for a vagrant thief is clear here'.
The journey can be recorded with words, photographs, sounds, or whatever else the journeyer chooses and the records uploaded to a website.
My experiences with other psychedelics (including peyote, psilocybin, and ayahuasca) and other life-threatened individuals over the years, and working with indigenous healers in Mexico and the Amazon, has repeatedly evidenced how the letting-go process with mind-altering substances -- when used responsibly in supportive settings with experienced guides -- allows the journeyer to exercise what I call the "surrender muscles." it creates an opportunity to do vital preparation work for the ultimate letting-go journey when physically dying by strengthening the letting-go process.
Would I shuffle along embarrassed, or make eye contact with a strange, yet familiar, journeyer? Would I give excuse after excuse why I shouldn't help, or find the one reason of all to help: that, yes, I stand before the Imago Dei - God's image and likeness?
The strange syntax that makes "the moment of utterance" (italics mine) the journeyer serves to remind the reader that any journey, by definition, relies heavily on the act of remembering, so that we can compare the places that we have passed through with the new places at which we arrive.
Wondering why Hopkins never saw how integrated his work could be, he says that Hopkins never reconciled desire and choice and remained "never aesthete nor moralist but a guilty journeyer between" (57).
The Xiyoubu proceeds by way of a dream journey of Xingzhe, an itinerant monk in the Buddhist sense but a "journeyer" in the lay sense.
He functions simultaneously as a "real person" in the mimetic sense and a figurative journeyer in the killing fields of an imaginary/unimaginable domain.
-VAR Russian Warships cross in front of the famous Dardanelles Memorial Script Writs Turkish "Dur Yolcu" (English Stop journeyer)
A Practical Path to Authenticity,” shaman and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt notes that shamanic journeying is not an “out of body experience.” According to Pratt, when this particular alternate state is achieved, the journeyer has “a foot in both worlds.” The senses in the physical body and the dreaming body are fully engaged and drawing in the multi-dimensional communication from the invisible world.