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With strong voice, but weak of mind, poor Don Quixote zealously jousted windmills Don Quixote views the black windmill, hugs his faithful Rozinante, and jumps into the flay Sancho Panza backed away from Don Quixote's vile jousting Sancho Panza saw Don Quixote, in his jerkin, fight a very big windmill Don Quixote and Sancho Panza come seeking justice for all, by righting every wrong Wacky Quixote jousted, Panza humbly forgave Don Quixote, with his man Sancho Panza, undertook a brave and grand journey of zealous vision Peeved but hefty zebras meekly joined Quixote's windmill charge Cervantes' Quixote jabs at windmills; Panza says "frankly, enough.
After you have jousted well with someone, you will always respect them.