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The gold medal-winning cyclist was put through her paces by English Heritage's expert jousters.
The jouster is trying to hit his opponent not just in any old place but on a spot "not much bigger than a license plate," as Adams says in the show's premiere: a socalled grand guard bolted to the left side of the opponent's chest.
Pain tolerance," the 45-year-old Moore said during a phone interview earlier this week, when asked the key to being a good jouster.
The show, which premiers on February 12 at 10/9c, replaces traditional armour with suits of steel and will have 13 jousters competing for a cash prize, Fox News reported.
Harnick's dry asides find the hero, who just happens to be named Lancelot, admitting to being a distant cousin of the celebrated Camelot jouster.
Et l'unisson est qualite du tout ennuyeuse en la conference" (923b, emphasis added) ("If I discuss with a strong mind and a stiff jouster, he presses on my flanks, prods me right and left; his ideas launch mine.
This is the kinder, gentler David Horowitz, an author and jouster otherwise known as a fierce ideological warrior.
The ensign bearer lost his severe, soldierly behavior and became a clever jouster of flags.
Jouster Dominic Sewell, suited up in chain mail, said: "It's becoming truly international, that's why we call for it to be recognised at Olympic level.
FOR the first time ever, a female jouster is set to take part in Kenilworth Castle's Grand Medieval Joust.
The house pint is Jouster from Goff's Brewery in Winchcombe.